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Center of Original Iranian Carpets (C.O.I.C.) - Showcases one of the largest known retail collections of Fine Persian Carpets, Handicrafts in Abu Dhabi UAE, Antiques in Abu Dhabi UAE. Collect Unique pieces of Fine Persian Carpets, Handicrafts in Abu Dhabi UAE, Antiques in Abu Dhabi UAE

For Government and Hospitality Projects:
  • In stock availability of a significant variety of large and medium sized pieces designed and weaved specifically for grand spaces such as Majlis settings, hotels and executive suites.
  • Significant experience collaborating with architectural and interior designer staff to help meet project objectives on time and on budget.
  • Completed over 120 government and hotel projects to date since the 1970's.
For Presidential Palaces:
  • Stock of a number of large pieces (25m by 20m) that were either specifically commissioned for palatial use or, have a number of unique artistic features worthy of distinguished display.
  • COIC is proud to have been selected as the supplier of choice to a number of Presidential or Royal palaces throughout the Middle East including: the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
For Fine Art Collectors:
  • We have well-established relationships with a number of auction houses globally , weaving artists and private antique dealers and have provided a number of fine art collectors with museum pieces or rugs of historic value (e.g. +100 year old rugs) or art value for investment purposes.
For Retail Purchases:
  • Largest stock of everyday durable pieces offering unique value at various price points.


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