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Knot Density

The number of knots per square inch (KPS) is important in determining the texture and the finesse of the carpet.

A higher knot density will result in a much finer surface texture and will allow for a more intricate pattern detail much in the way your TV’s pixel density or resolution determines the quality of the images the TV is able to support.

The table below serves as a rough guide for the relationship between KPS density and quality.

Relationship Between KPS and Quality
Knots/1 cm Knots/1 inch RAJ KPSI Quality
3.57 or less 9.07 or less 25 or less 82 or less Very poor
3.85 9.70 27 82 Poor
4.28 10.88 30 118 Acceptable
5.00 12.70 35 161 Medium
7.14 18.14 50 329 Good
8.57 21.77 60 474 Great
10.00 25.40 70 654 Excellent
11.42 29.02 80 843 Superb
12.85 32.65 90 1066 Masterpiece
13.14 or more 33.38 or more 92 or more 1144 or more Museum types
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