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Knot Density

Colour Scheme
The combination of colours in a Persian carpet has an important effect on the value of your rug. As the number of colours used increases so does the value of the carpet. In museum quality rugs produced by master weavers, the number of colours could be as high as 250. It takes years of experience and knowledge to create rugs with such complex colouration. Of course, it is equally important that the artist's choice of colours results in a harmonious palette with desirable aesthetics for the piece.

Colour Sources
There are two types of dyes that are used in the production of carpets: chromic or synthetic dyes, and natural dyes. Chromic dyes are easier to work with and allow a for a greater selection of colours. As a result, natural dyes tend to be more commonly used in carpets that have simpler colour schemes.

  Primary Colour   Natural Dyes Used
  Black   Logwood plants
  Blue   Indigo plants
  Brown   Tannin and oak tree galls
  Green   Turmeric berries
  Khaki   Nuts or tree bark
  Pink   Depleted madder
  Red   Root of wild madder
  Yellow   Saffron & pomegranate plant
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