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Carpet Design
Knot Density

Perhaps the most important feature of a carpet is its design.  More intricate designs involve greater workmanship both on the part of the artist and the weaver and therefore have a direct impact on the value of the piece.

Geometric Designs
Geometric designs are made up of repeated vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. These carpets are usually woven by nomadic tribes using certain traditional and cultural symbols as motifs. Given the relative simplicity of the design, tribal pieces tend to be less sophisticated in terms of the required technical know-how. Consequently, these carpets usually lack full symmetry and colour consistency giving them a 'primal' quality and making them less expensive.

Curvilinear and Floral Designs
Most of the elements in the curvilinear and floral designs have meaning that reflects their close affinity with nature which is why small plants, flowers or delicate animals, can be seen in almost all carpets. The most common motif is the central medallion. When evaluating curvilinear and floral designs, the composition, detailing and symmetry are factors to consider.

Pictorial Design
Perhaps the rarest of Persian rug styles is the pictorial design. This type of pattern doesn't follow a standard outline and each rug is unique in its details. The weaving of a pictorial rug demands much more skill from the weaver because unlike curves, circles, or repetitive floral elements, it is more difficult to weave details and smaller elements that require great accuracy.

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