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Center of Original Iranian Carpets (C.O.I.C.) - Get the outstanding, unrivaled, diversified collection from one of the Premier Fine Rugs dealers and Iranian Carpets dealers in Abu Dhabi UAE. Find varieties of Fine Rugs, Iranian Carpets in and out of Abu Dhabi

COIC started out as a family-owned business in the 1920s in Iran and is based out of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our main gallery on three floors in Abu Dhabi is home to over 5,000 pieces and showcases one of the largest known retail collections in the Middle East. The breadth of our inventory covers a significant variety of sizes, colours, price points and end-uses.

Throughout our history, we have provided fine rugs to clients ranging from royal families and serious international collectors to everyday enthusiasts of high quality tapestry. Today, people from all over the world visit the gallery to experience our truly unique collection.

Each rug is hand-picked by our network of experts resulting in a breathtaking array of collectible gems. Our collection was amassed with the intention of providing a diverse array of options in size, colour and price points for our clients. Our inventory ranges from everyday durable pieces at highly competitive prices to unique designs sought by international auction houses fetching in excess of millions of dollars. Our direct relationship with contemporary artists, weavers and workshops provides us with unique advantages when it comes to sourcing unique pieces or commissioning bespoke carpets.

Our experienced staff will help to educate you and can help you to pick out rugs for your entire house or supply you with exceptional pieces for your private collection.

We are open to all visitors, students, collectors and international institutions, and we look forward to your visit.


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