The late Jalil Hosseinzadeh

The late Jalil Hosseinzadeh was the senior managing partner at COIC with almost 60 years of experience in fine Persian carpets. Mr. Hosseinzadeh got his entrepreneurial start in the 1940s owning and operating real estate and civil transportation businesses in Iran. Encouraged by his passion for art and fine rugs, in 1952, Mr. Hosseinzadeh added Persian carpets to his portfolio when he took over COIC which at the time was a local business specializing in fine rugs. Over the 20 years that followed, Mr. Hosseinzadeh built COIC into one of the premier brand names in Persian carpets winning much acclaim with collectors and peers in Tehran. By 1975, COIC had grown to become one of the well-known names for commissioning, producing and exporting the finest Persian rugs in the market. Today, COIC is active in the Middle East, Western Europe and Asia. Throughout his career, Mr. Hosseinzadeh has also been involved in a number of philanthropic and charitable projects which include the construction of a local school and community centre in Azerbaijan, Iran.


Dawood Hosseinzadeh

Dawood Hosseinzadeh is a managing partner at COIC with over 35 years of experience in fine Persian carpets.

After completing his studies in London, in 1973 Mr. Hosseinzadeh returned to Tehran to join the family business under the stewardship of his late father Mr. Jalil Hosseinzadeh. In 1978, Dawood moved to the United Arab Emirates where he helped to establish the Abu Dhabi arm of COIC that would later become the flagship gallery. Today, COIC is active in the Middle East, Iran, Western Europe and Asia.

Mr. Hosseinzadeh is widely recognized as an expert in fine rugs and has been involved in a number of projects supplying fine pieces to royal palaces of the Gulf countries and European auction houses. In addition, Mr. Hosseinzadeh has collaborated on a number of educational projects including the first electronic-based oriental rug guide (Alex Canada) and is a regular contributor to newspaper articles, workshops and seminars on fine and antique Persian carpets.